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Industrial humidifier enterprises began to fought independent research and development

In China, the mid-eighties, with the gradual rise in the tone of the preservation industry, humidifier has become the key equipment for food atmosphere storage. In recent years, with the people's living environment and quality requirements continue to improve, contributed to a variety of office and home environment for the research and development of humidifiers in industrial production, food and other materials storage process and even people's daily life, The requirements for humidity control are also getting more and more attention from the experts. The same time as
It is the rapid development of China's economy, gave birth to the industrial humidifier product market continues to grow. Domestic enterprises are increasingly entering the industry, and has long been breaking the dominance of foreign brands by the situation, into the coexistence of domestic and foreign brands. Over the past two decades, China's humidification technology developed rapidly, the country's humidity from scratch, humidity sensors from several varieties of the seventies to the present dozens of varieties. The same time as
Industrial humidifier products after more than 10 years of development, with a more mature and stable market, but the current consumer demand for humidification products is still growing, the potential of the humidifier market is not huge, ultrasonic and pure type two Product situation hegemony, in this context, the future direction of industrial humidifier industry is what? The same time as
With the media to promote the importance of humidifier, people will become increasingly aware of the importance of air humidity for human health, there will be greater demand for humidifiers, with such a large demand, the humidifier industry is sure to have Big development. The future development of humidifier will be more standardized, although the current market more brands, but consumers remember the brand is still relatively small, humidifier brand failed to win the hearts of the people. So to build a good brand and service is the future direction of the development of humidifier industry.
Today, the production and sales of humidifier products increased rapidly, wide variety. In the country there are wet film evaporative humidifier, pressurized spray humidifier, electrostatic atomization humidifier, wet film humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, infrared humidifier, PTC steam humidifier, electrode humidifier, electric Type humidifier, centrifugal humidifier, two fluid atomization humidifier centrifugal humidifier and steam direct injection type humidifier. More than a dozen domestic enterprises, about 20 mainstream enterprises, domestic manufacturers in the number and sales on the dominant, but the importance of foreign brand products is also no doubt.
As the market for air conditioning system functions and sophisticated products on the environmental requirements of the increasingly high degree of industrial humidifier applications are more and more widely. Industrial humidifier also toward the diversification, technical aspects of development. Now some of the domestic enterprises are still imitating foreign production, but more enterprises from the initial simple imitation to independent research and development. R & D direction will be more and more attention to control accuracy, low energy consumption, rapid humidification, humidification range, stable high function.
Future industrial humidifier price market, must be good quality and the price will not be too expensive industrial humidifier products. That is, cost-effective to meet the needs of the market. So now the industrial humidifier price market the most need to address is to reduce the cost of industrial humidifier on the basis of energy and can guarantee the stability of industrial humidifier in a consumer can accept the price, this is Industrial humidifier market Wang Road, is also a lot of industrial humidifier manufacturers to seize market share to win the magic weapon.
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