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Characteristics and Application of Ultrasonic Humidifier

Characteristics of ultrasonic humidifier
Compared with other types of humidification equipment, ultrasonic industrial humidifier has the following:
1, humidification efficiency (close to 100%), humidification strength, resulting in small and uniform fog particles, the unit time can quickly meet the required relative humidity, saving water;
2, the unit of humidification energy consumption is low, ultrasonic humidifier energy consumption is only 0.05 kW / (kg.h), only the equivalent of other humidification way 1/10 ~ 1/15, the daily operating costs are low;
3, small size, according to the site conditions alone from the system, both for the new plant supporting the installation, but also without destroying the original equipment on the basis of the transformation of the old factory to upgrade;
4, humidification evenly, can quickly and large areas to solve practical problems in industrial production, such as textile production in the fly, broken, static, rough and fiber fragile and other issues;
5, atomized components using integrated atomization movement, fully sealed structure designed to achieve the purpose of waterproofing, and the atomization of the film replacement, maintenance can be resolved immediately in the field, completely put an end to the early ultrasonic humidification system vulnerable, short life And maintenance cumbersome and other issues;
6, integrated atomization movement comes with water protection device, which can effectively ensure that the atomization movement in the water level is too low automatically stop working without additional equipment, saving costs;
7, the control method is flexible and convenient, there are three kinds of control options: switch control, timing control and automatic humidity control. In the selection can be based on the site environment and staff arrangements for flexible choice, with;
8, humidity automatic control of the humidifier equipped with French imports of humidity sensors, high sensitivity, rapid response, can be fully realized without personnel on-site operation;
9, the equipment used stainless steel box, the appearance of nice, corrosion-resistant, long life;
10, the device also has a fixed bracket and mobile two installation methods, and can be installed through the pipeline in the area away from the humidification site, both to facilitate the installation of equipment, but also improve the efficiency of the use of space;
11, the equipment through the national electrical safety detection, equipped with high-performance automatic Sheung Shui solenoid valve, overflow and drain, easy to use, safe and reliable;
12, the overall design of the device after repeated tests and years of actual testing, compact structure, with a reasonable, no high-power motor, not by the pure mechanical energy-driven humidification, so no noise when working, the liquid atomization effect is high.
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