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Industrial humidifier analyzes the mystery of fresh vegetables

Summer temperatures are high, resulting in vegetables and fruits are easy to degenerate. Supermarkets and self-help hot pot Mala Tang shop often need to store a lot of vegetables and fruits. And how to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables is their main problem, then how can fruits and vegetables get the best fresh effect? Here through the humidification of industrial humidifier to analyze the mystery of fresh vegetables.
Fresh fruits and vegetables, the water content of up to 65 ~ 96%, but since picking down after the loss of water will be added, and will follow the passage of time, inside the vitamins and other nutrients will be lost. And if put into the refrigerator storage, because the temperature is low, bacteria, enzymes and other activities will be greatly reduced, you can achieve the effect of preservation. But for the convenience of customer procurement selection, in fact, a lot of time vegetables and fruits need to be placed outside, which will lead to a substantial decline in freshness. Then placed on the outside of the fruits and vegetables should be how to keep it, where it will be used to industrial humidifier, supermarket stores in the vegetable rack or self-help hot pot restaurants on the table, placed vegetables for industrial humidifier to the appropriate spray humidification , Always add fresh water to the fresh vegetables, so as to ensure that it can keep fresh for a long time.
Industrial humidifier with electronic overclocking shock (oscillation frequency of 1.7MHz), through the atomization of high-frequency resonance, the water from the water and produce natural and elegant water mist, without heating or chemical agents and produce 1-5 micron Water particles floating in the air, so as to achieve the role of improving the relative humidity of the air. The increase in humidity to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables to keep fresh fruits and vegetables to improve the visual effects of fruits and vegetables to avoid the loss of fruit and vegetable water and weight to ensure its normal sales, to avoid no small economic losses. This is the industrial humidifier in the preservation of vegetables in the mystery.
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