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  • Industrial humidifier
  • effective large spray,suit for
    large humidification.
  • ultrasonic mist maker
  • 3rd ultrasonic atomization technology;
    large spray with low consumption.
  • Industrial dehumidifier
  • dehumidifying the moisture humidity
    that reached 100 %, long life.
  • humidifier parts
  • good humidifier parts
    OEM&ODM also welcome
high efficiency
high efficiencyThe fog particles from humidifier are very small, its efficiency can get 90-100% because of Vaporization process shortly. It is a good response for humidity and cooling
Large humidifying capacity
Large humidifying capacityThe max of sprays can get 100-1000KG/h. The nozzle quantity set arbitrarily. Can get precise adjustment for humidifying through pressure & discharging
lower cost
lower costintelligent control, different humidifying different system. energy - saving and environmentally,low power consumption. High Quality & Reasonable Price
High cleanliness
High cleanlinessThe equipment has water treatment process, and also no circulation of water through this system. The humidifying is so unpolluted
low maintenance cost
low maintenance costHumidifier can continuous operation for a long time fixed industrial performance high pressure pump imported. The system realize unmanned management operations with safety, stable especially in nozzle & mist maker
wide - range application
wide - range applicationThe products widely used in mushroom cultivation, electronic industry, cold storage, textile, printing, carton storage, food industry, flower planting, livestock, tobacco storage, vegetable fresh, environmental purification, stage fog, garden landscape fog etc
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The core advantages from Dongguan Runyang Electronic Co.,Ltd.
rich experience 12 years experience for developing & manufacture in humidity control industry. With a modern standard workshops and advanced production equipment
hold several technical patents! With a number of advanced production lines and a number of high - quality production and technical staff
stable quality Excellent quality, pay attention to the production design, material, processing etc
perfect after - sales The company promised 24 - hour service, Quick response in 60 minutes.One stop service,"Save worry , Save power, Save money, Save time"
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