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Now why all walks of life are inseparable from the industrial humidifier

Now why all walks of life are inseparable from industrial humidifier? Industrial humidifier is widely used, almost all walks of life need Taiwan and even a few humidifiers, visible humidifier on people's lives a great impact, but many people will have doubts, why all walks of life are inseparable from the humidifier?
Now why all walks of life are inseparable from industrial humidifier? Air humidity As one of the main air parameters, the impact on people's lives and the production of products is enormous. Too high or too low humidity, so that people feel moist or dry, is not conducive to health. In industrial production, the humidity control, determines the quality of the production of products is good or bad, and even become a security risk, endangering personal safety. The same time as
Industrial humidifier is widely used in various industries such as printing industry, paper industry, machine room, electronics industry, mobile phone battery industry, spraying industry, plastics industry, gunpowder industry, printing industry, laboratory, tobacco industry, HVAC industry, Aquaculture, artificial landscape and so on.
The surface simply lists several data describing several industry requirements for humidity:
Product coating plant humidity requirements are generally greater than 65% RH, if the humidity is not enough to make the paint on the metal or plastic adhesion decreased, uneven painting, surface finish and other issues.
Dense machining lathe, a variety of metering room humidity requirements are generally between 40% to 65% RH, such as precision bearing finishing, high-precision marking machine, mechanical metering room, electrical metering room, if not enough humidity will cause processing Product accuracy, measurement data distortion. The same time as
Medical plants, operating rooms and other environmental requirements of the humidity is necessary, and clean and humidification, if the humidity is not enough will cause the decline in drug grade, bacteria increased, the wound is not easy to heal and other issues
Electronic plants, semiconductor plants, program-controlled room, explosion-proof factory and other places of the humidity requirements are generally 40% to 60% RH, if the relative humidity is not enough to cause static electricity increased, the product yield decline, the chip damage, even in some explosion The site will cause an explosion, "electrostatic bombardment" brought about by the immeasurable damage, when the air humidity below 40% RH is very easy to produce static electricity, although people take a lot of ways to remove static electricity, and air humidity increased to 45% RH or more is absolutely effective. The same time as
Textile mills, printing plants, film mills and other places are generally high humidity requirements are generally greater than 60% RH, such as textile mills, humidity requirements generally between 50% to 85% RH, yellow chemical section to prevent static electricity, spinning The moisture content of the cotton fiber directly affects the fiber strength, in short, the air conditioning of the textile workshop to ensure that the process requires the relative humidity based. In the printing and film production process is not enough humidity will cause color, paper shrinkage deformation, paper adhesion, product quality and other issues.
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