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What is the role of ultrasonic industrial humidifier

Core Tip: Ultrasonic industrial humidifier using ultrasonic high-frequency shock 1.7MHZ frequency, the water mist into 1-5 microns of ultrafine particles, through the wind device, the water mist spread to the air, so that the air moist and accompanied by rich and rich Oxygen ions, can clean the air, improve health, create a comfortable environment.
Ultrasonic industrial humidifier is widely used in the textile industry, paper industry, computer room, electronics industry, mobile phone battery industry, spraying industry, plastics industry, gunpowder industry, printing industry, laboratory, tobacco industry, HVAC industry, fresh storage, food industry , Planting, aquaculture, artificial landscape, artificial fog, printing, printing and dyeing plants, air-conditioning plants, supermarkets and so on. Choose to use ultrasonic industrial humidifier humidification strength, humidification uniform, humidification efficiency; energy saving, energy saving, power consumption is only electric heating humidifier 1/10 to 1/15; long life, humidity automatic balance, Protection; both medical atomization, cold bath, cleaning jewelry and other functions.
Ultrasonic industrial humidifier using the bottom of the tank atomizer module will convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, the use of electronic overclocking shocks, to the water to launch 1.7MHz ultrasound, high-frequency resonance through the atomization of the film, the water away from the surface and produce natural and elegant water mist And blowing out the machine, without heating or chemical agents and produce 1-5 microns of water particles floating in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of enthalpy humidified air. Ultrasonic industrial humidifier can be automatically water, automatic humidification, automatic drainage, automatic cleaning, no personnel on duty; easy to use, easy installation, the host foot steerable wheel can be flexible to move, you can install the wall, you can floor installation In a variety of use environment.
Ultrasonic industrial humidifier in the industrial workshop in the application of air for humidification, cooling, dust, anti-static and other filtering air dust function. In the humidification at the same time, increase the oxygen content of the air, greatly create and improve people's living environment.
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