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Analysis of High Pressure Micro - mist Humidifier

Now the humidifier industry in China's rapid development, because the humidifier can be used in many areas, although the financial crisis caused by the humidifier industry in the past two years the pace of development slowed slightly, but with the rapid development of China's national economy and international The financial crisis gradually subsided, China's humidifier industry to re-usher in a good opportunity for development. Here to introduce you to a variety of types of humidifier ---- high-pressure micro-mist humidifier
High-pressure micro-mist humidifier principle: the use of piston pump will be precision filter treated with water pressurized to 5-7Mpa, and then through the high-pressure pipeline to the atomization nozzle, through the direct spray atomization nozzle to the water to 3 ~ 10μm cloud spray into the air, the water mist in the air to absorb heat, from the liquid into a gaseous, so that the air humidity increases, and at the same time reduce the air temperature, this process is enthalpy humidification cooling process. So when the amount of dust in the air larger, the dust will be combined with the water and gas to settle down to the ground, which is the working principle of high-pressure micro-fog system dust.
High-pressure micro-mist humid spray fog: high-pressure mist spray nozzle can produce 5 billion droplets per second, droplet diameter of only 3 ~ 10μm, especially in the mountains of clouds, humidification cooling effect is excellent. Humidification system energy-saving features: atomization 1 liter of water only need to consume 6W power, is one percent of the traditional electric humidifier, centrifugal or mixed air-cooled humidifier one-tenth. The reliability of the work of the host work: high-pressure micro-mist humidifier host with industrial piston pump, 24 hours long continuous operation, nozzle and water mist dispenser without power vulnerable parts, in high dust environment is not damaged. Humidification system is highly efficient: the system humidification and cooling efficiency is extremely high, up to 100% in the room, even in the air conditioning box, the efficiency is also up to 90% or more, other enthalpy humidifier can not do. Humidification spray hygiene items: high-pressure micro-fog system of water using sealed non-recycled use, will not lead to bacterial reproduction. So as to meet the various requirements of users!
High-pressure micro-mist humidifier system components: Pump unit: high-pressure ceramic piston pump can produce 3 ~ 7MPa high-pressure water, can be adjusted to 5kg / h ∽ 900kg / h flow regulator between the regulator, and a variety of protection functions; Stable, reliable and durable, continuous work strong. Ultra-atomizing nozzle: the core part of the use of titanium alloy manufacturing and comes with pressure limiting start valve, the shell is made of copper or stainless steel, with a fine spray, no wear, pressure loss, anti-clogging, no dripping and so on. Aperture: 0.15 mm Spray: 2.46 kg / h (at P = 4 MPa). Control unit: microcomputer automatic control, automatic filtering, automatic humidification, comes with humidity control interface, to achieve automatic humidity control and control. High-pressure split valve unit: high-pressure split valve can be automatically achieved according to the requirements of high-pressure water to the multi-channel ultra-small nozzle unit water supply or discharge. Super filter system: PO super filter, with 5 micron, 10 micron two-stage water filter, an effective solution to water quality problems, to ensure that the nozzle is not blocked.
High-pressure micro-mist humidifier Application: Industrial: textile plant, cigarette plant, electronic plant, paper mill, printing plant, car coating plant, wood (furniture) processing plant, fire (fried) drug production plant and other humidification; , Steel plant and other plant cooling, dust; brewing, food industry, high temperature and humidity conditions, humidification and cooling. Agriculture: cold storage, greenhouse, livestock breeding, flower nursery, edible fungus culture, such as humidification, cooling, spraying, fertilization and so on. Landscape fog: suspended in the air in the ultra-fine mist particles like clouds in the wind and moving, when the moment is to create a charming landscape effect; at the same time ultra-fine mist particles contain a lot of negative ions, increase the oxygen content of the air , Greatly create and improve people living and living environment.
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