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Tell you the choice of industrial humidifier four directions

The early 90s, since the sub-civilian civilian humidifier has been accepted by ordinary people, industrial humidification, environmental humidification, air conditioning, industrial humidifier industry started. With 20 years of development, the development of domestic humidification machine business quickly, just two decades time has produced more than ten types of humidifier products, hundreds of brands of humidifier. Then the face of more and more industrial humidifier how to make the right choice, here to summarize the choice of industrial humidifier four major points.
The first point: the user has a central air-conditioning units and units within the humidification section of the electronics factory, if the user wants to air-conditioning high temperature and some of the higher precision, and the user no steam source or the use of steam inconvenience when the economy is not recommended Electrode humidifier. If the user has a steam source and easy to use when a recommended dry steam humidifier.
Second point: If the user wants the air conditioning is to provide general humidification and humidification accuracy is not high, the general requirements of health conditions, it is recommended to use wet film circulating water humidifier.
The third point: the user has a central air conditioning unit, no humidification section but there are air duct and want to humidify in the duct, it is recommended to use electric humidifier, or duct dry steam humidification (condition is the user has a steam source) The
The fourth point: the user does not have the central air conditioning unit reported only in the electronic factory equipped with a number of cabinet air conditioning users, if the user workshop heat load is large, want to use cold humidification way, it is recommended to use high pressure micro mist humidification.
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