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Industrial humidifier application range

Industrial humidifier Applicable industry:
Textile industry: roving, spun yarn, weaving, weaving, weaving, weaving, hemp, linen, silk, knitting, etc.
Electronics industry: SMT workshop, LCD factory, PSB plant, ICM test plant, packaging plant, semi-conductive components factory, etc.
Printing industry: paper printing, profile printing, glass printing, fine printing, special printing, screen printing, transfer, etc.
Spraying industry: automotive coating plant, mobile phone, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, computer and other household appliances and various industrial products shell spray
Tobacco industry: tobacco grading plant, storage library, puffed tobacco () wire resurgence and other workshops
Edible mushrooms: Flammulina velutipes, Ping Ru, grinding Ru, incense Ru, Shuanglu Ru and so on
Computer room: control room, switch room, server room, computer room, Internet cafes, launch stations, call centers and so on.
Supermarket fresh: green leafy vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, fresh, refrigerated display cabinets, cold cabinets, bread cabinets and so on.
Laboratory: all kinds of testing, testing, quality, analysis, laboratory and other constant temperature environment.
Gunpowder. Industry: <fire> drug production, filling, making, storage and so on.
Automotive industry: coating plant, assembly plant, foil workshop, glass printing, flocking, exhibition hall and so on
Food industry: dry, dehydrated food resurgence (kelp, fans) preservation, bread, bread, fruit and vegetable products, moisture preservation, storage, transportation, etc.
Planting: edible mushrooms, all kinds of orchids, tropical plants, soilless cultivation, flower room and so on
Aquaculture: livestock, birds, insects and other large-scale breeding establishments
Artificial landscape: tropical artificial rain, film and television, exhibition, park, zoo, square, water curtain film
Kangxiu health: bath, fitness, skin care, beauty, cold fog bath, salt spray bath, anion bath, etc.
Bar: pure draft beer + really ice + natural flowing water smoke
Air conditioning industry: airports, railway stations, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, theaters, office buildings and so on
Plastic industry: plastic injection molding plant, plastic products factory.
Fruit industry: bananas, oranges and so on
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