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The future development of humidification technology

The future of humidification technology development! Good air quality, not only make life more comfortable and healthier, but also make a lot of industrial products from damage, play its greatest role, humidity as one of the main air parameters, and people's lives, production is closely related to people living in 50 ~ 60% humidity feel comfortable in the environment, otherwise it will feel dry or wet boring. In the textile industry humidity is less than 40% is easy to break yarn; tobacco industry humidity is higher than 70% is easy to mold, and when the humidity is less than 30% easy to produce static electricity on the electronics industry is extremely unfavorable. With the development of modern air-conditioning technology, air humidity control technology and various types of humidification, dehumidification equipment has also been developed
China in the 60's began to pay attention to research and development of wetting equipment, has the temperature and humidity, rotor wetting and low temperature condensate dehumidification development, and its products have long been widely used in the country. But the humidification technology until the early 70s still remain in the water humidification and electrode humidification, with the textile, electronics, printing, tobacco, special reserves and other technology development and people's living environment comfort requirements continue to improve, Technology put forward a new topic, the late 70s steam humidification technology has been widely used, dry steam humidifier test success. The same time as
To 80 years with the further exchange of Chinese and foreign technology, centrifugal humidification, ultrasonic humidification and other advanced technology has developed by leaps and bounds have been commercialized. The late 80s and the emergence of high pressure spray humidifier, a new type of electrode humidifier, wet film humidifier and other new products. At present, there are many kinds of humidifiers, different performance, the user in the purchase of humidifier should be based on product performance characteristics, humidity requirements, the use of occasions and other factors to choose. The same time as
The future of humidification technology development! With the continuous progress of society, I believe that in the near future, both in the family or industrial production, the use of humidifiers will become increasingly common, people will be living more and more high level.
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