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Industrial humidifier how to choose

How do industrial humidifiers choose? In many industrial humidifiers in the electronics, printing and other industries for the rapid development of its related equipment development has brought new opportunities, ultrasonic industrial humidifier as the most suitable for the current electronics, printing industry needs high precision, high clean preferred humidification Device. The development of humidifier from the workshop floor sprinkler, centrifugal humidification to be electronic, the printing industry abandoned, textile enterprises and dubbed the "like rain like a fog and wind" that is blocked and dripping high-pressure micro-mist humidifier.
Although the rapid development of industrial humidifier, to all walks of life has brought more convenience, and produced more benefits, but now the market brandy quite a mixed bag, consumers do not know how to make a choice, which exists in the middle Many problems need to consumers to consider, "after-sales orphans", "cheap" to become the industry today's industrial humidifier industry common problems, no one for long warranty period pay; part of the business to complete the blind follow-up sales commitment period, Also involves false promises.
"After the sale of orphans": "buy time, manufacturers businesses desperately to sell, what kind of commitment to give you; can not how long, the manufacturers did not, businesses can not even find the door, the phone can not get through" This is The problems faced by "industrial orphans" industrial humidifiers. In fact, the long cost of long warranty, for some strength is not strong enterprises, there is no more resources into after-sales service, it produced a series of industry problems: service operators operating costs, for survival and profitability, resulting in service And the quality of supplies down!
"Cheap": to know that "inexpensive" is just a promotional gimmick only, the saying goes: extremes meet, the same humidification between the industrial humidifier products, cheap price is only one-third, you think In the rising prices today, may it? This is contrary to the normal market price of the law, can only be said that "things are abnormal demon"! So when you buy industrial humidifier must be careful, not because of cheap to choose a bad bad industrial humidifier products, often spent since that "cheap" price, but not up to you Expected effect.
According to incomplete statistics, some cheap or poor industrial humidifier failure probability of up to 80%, the average life of only a few months, or even less than one-tenth of the brand industrial humidifier. Although the price terms, the poor industrial humidifier is only half of the brand industrial humidifier and even one third, is indeed "cheap" too much, but from the product quality and service life to compare the brand of industrial humidifier is some Low quality industrial humidifier more than ten times, not only the use of functional defects, product quality can not be guaranteed;
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